Monday, December 20, 2010


Sky recently changed or rather switched the position of the standard and HD channels in its menu. There are a lot many things happening with BSkyB as far as products and features launch is concerned. It is simply looking at making life a lot easier for its three million customers quite a few of whom are HD subscribers. It shall soon launch a newer and improved version of its electronic programme guide (EPG).

A "Standard Bouquet" and "HD Swap Bouquet" of channels will be taking place from the 1st of February onwards. None the less this change of the menu placing of the Sky HD and Sky Standard is only going to happen in the subscribers who have the Sky HD feature.

To cite an example, Sky1 is currently placed at 106; the channel’s High Definition version is placed at 170. Now courtesy the HD Swap Bouquet, these numbers will be interchanged which will have the Sky1 HD more easily accessible for the subscribers.

Then again broadcasters may as well opt out of this switch for it is not a compulsion. As of now the number as far are concerned, the Sky HD customer base has three million plus customers. Sky has stated recently that it will soon be making available a good fifty HD channels available coming this Christmas.

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